Skargard Swedish Linoljesapa - Classic Linseed Oil Concentrated Soap

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This brilliantly effective Swedish multi-purpose soap is made for the home-indoors and out-but is also a heavy duty cleanser for dirty hands and bodies. Great news for those of us who want sparkling floors AND clean mitts-without any chemical-heavy bummers that require gloves. Lovingly made by hand in Sweden (Skargard is also known as the Stockholm Archipelago), this traditional soap is ideal for cleaning wooden flooring, patio, porch, decks, outdoor furniture, or stone, or for washing cars, ovens, bathrooms, rafters, paintbrushes, or tools...really any zone you can get dirty it can get clean. Made from rich, environmentally friendly linseed oil, beloved for millennia for its natural re-greasing properties, this soap maintains its shiny clean for a good long while when used in small quantities, or, if used liberally can also provide a natural oil finish for woodenware and floors. 500ml

To Use

To Clean Floors: Add a tablespoon of soap to a gallon of water and clean your floors with a wet mop as usual. Soap can be left to dry.

To add a linseed soap finish to floors: add the whole bottle to a gallon of water and cover the floor with a layer of the liquid and let dry. Repeat at least two times/until your solution is done.

To Clean Oven or Woodstove glass: Add a teaspoon of linseed soap to a 16oz spray bottle of water, spray on glass and let work for 10 minutes. Wipe glass with water and a cloth.

To Clean Paintbrushes: Wash the brushes with linseed oil soap to keep bristles fine and soft.

Linseed oil soap foot bath (ideal for dry heels): pour a capful into a hot water bath and soak feet until cool.

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