Swedish Birch Storage Box - 12 in. L x 12 in. W x 3.5 in. H

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Pretty, functional storage? You can never have enough. Hand-crafted in Sweden (in the traditional manner of Scandinavian breadboxes) from lovely, pale raw birch wood, these beauties are sturdy without being bulky and are perfectly suited to stashing all manner of goods. We stack a few in the kitchen to hold extra dish towels and grocery bags, keep a few in the closet, corralling craft supplies and cloth napkins, and tuck a few under the bed for miscellaneous love letters and for swapping summer sandals for thick winter socks (and vice versa). Got more stuff? This lovely box is stackable on itself or interchangeably with all of our different depth birch boxes and trays. If your stuff is best shielded from view (or from the curious fingers of small children/snooping houseguests) pop on one of the matching louvered tops. Build a system that works for you.

Note: For whenever you need to take Funfetti out on the town, this is also the perfect size and shape for transporting a cake. After all, cake gets wanderlust too. Just sayin'.

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