Swedish Birch Brushrack - 19"

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A place for everything and everything it its place. With all of the ingenious (and lovely) brushes, useful (and lovely) tools, and miscellaneous (and lovely) items we find ourselves accumulating, we need a place to keep them. This elegant Scandinavian brushrack is just the thing. Hand-crafted in Sweden from oiled birch, with peg widths and lengths specifically designed to fit our arsenal of specialized brushes and scrubbers, this is the perfect combination of beautiful and useful.Extra pegs fit into the mounting holes to keep whatever screws you choose to use out of sight (brilliant!).

Note: While the 3" pegs are specially spaced and crafted to hang brushes for drying and storage, we have one of these over our sink and use it for a myriad of tasks. An incomplete list of things known to have been found hanging from our rack: tidy bundles of drying herbs, an upside down bouquet of globe amaranth, our japanese kitchen shears, some hot peppers strung together, a colander, an Opinel knife on twine, an air plant in a brass ring, a small wind chime, any number of necklaces, a plaid bowtie, wooden spoons, a small cheese board, infinite hand towels. The brushes pictured are merely suggestions. Let your imagination run wild.

Oh, my! Are we out of stock? This is one of our Foundry favorites (which means they get snagged pretty quickly *but!* they will always come back, we promise). Would you like us to tell you when we get more in stock? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and you'll be the first to know.

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