Stainless Juicer Lid with Mason Jar

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Another ingenious friend for the humble mason jar, this stainless steel citrus reamer makes quick of fresh squeezed OJ or Paloma prep. The two part reamer includes a juicing cap to catch and funnel the juice down into the jar, straining out large pulp, pith, and seeds. When you're done juicing, the top comes off and the strainer pours directly into cup or recipe. Easily screws off and on for cleaning and storage. With a 70mm/2.75" diameter, this fits the included Italian Quattro Stagioni Glass Canning Jar, standard mouth Mason Jars, Kilner Universal jars, or any commercial jar with a 70mm/2.75" diameter mouth. 18/10 stainless steel, food safe, dishwasher safe.

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