Spanish Wine Glass

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We first saw wine served in one of these squat-yet-graceful glasses in San Sebastian, going from pintxos bar to pintxos bar. Served alongside the specialties of the house, the delicate little glasses were filled with txakoli, a local effervescent sparkly white, and drinking them off felt effortlessly elegant, naturally functional, and like a sort of sensory magic. We love a flute and all, but something about how simple and uncluttered it was felt perfect. Bringing a bit of that Spanish-style magic to our tables and cocktail hours? Yes, please. Hand-blown in Poland in the Spanish style, these airy glasses are a pleasure in the hand, smooth on the lips, and even more fun to cheers. Topa!

Note: Holds 6 1/2 oz. This is also one of our favorite glasses for amaros and digestifs.

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