Small Maple Flower Vase - Crane

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Crafted by hand in his grandfather's studio by Japanese artist-artisan Hiroyuki Inoue (along with his wife Miyuki), the beautiful, supple, subtle curves of this delicate-seeming bud vase are hand-lathed from a single piece of diamond-hard maple. Ideal for elevating a single stem (or a tiny bouquet) these are divine on their own or grouped together with their friends. Each silhouette is designed after types of classical Japanese flower vases, this one is: TSURUKUBI, or, "crane neck". Made in the Asahikawa region of Japan, which has long been celebrated for its skilled woodworkers.

A Note from the maker: "Note that these vases are NOT water-proof, so please do not pour water in them. Please find a beauty in the evanescence of flowers, withering to death. If you do not like frequently changing flowers, it may be a good idea to put berry- or nut-bearing plants."

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