Small Italian Stainless Steel Sansone Fusti Dispenser with Stand - 5 Liter

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Meet the classic Italian "fusti". Originally designed for long-term storage of olive oil, honey, and wine, these streamlined stainless steel dispensers do those (miraculous) tasks and more with style. Butter welded joints keep particulates (such as pollen in honey, lees in wine, or fruit in your sangria) from accumulating and clogging up the works and the 18/10 food grade steel has been "pickled" to remove weld heat tinted layers and any surface impurities, making it immune to corrosion and rust. From curing a batch of limoncello to serving up tea or cocktails at your next 'do, a fusti is the way to do it in dolce vita style. This fusti comes with a 1/2" stainless steel lever spigot and a 10" tall stainless steel elevated stand. 9" x 7 3/4" without stand, holds 5 liters/~1 1/3 gallons.
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