Simple Japanese Hinoki Stool - Large - 15.75H

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Cypress trees know a thing or two about keeping it real when surrounded on all sides by water. The naturally antibacterial and therapeutic Japanese Cypress (a.k.a. Hinoki) wood lends itself perfectly to damp and steamy applications. Onsen-approved, this traditional Hinoki stool is a dream in the bathroom or literally IN the shower. Rest your foot, set your goods, or even get down and sit a spell, we think you'll like it. Carved grooves shed water and the natural hydrophobic and anti-mildew properties keep them clean and fresh. As a bonus, when gently heated in a steamy environment they release a pleasant woodsy aroma. Supports up to 300lbs  Dimensions: 13.75W x 9.75D x 15.75" H

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