Simple Danish 2019 Hardcover Calendar Notebook - 5" x 7"

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For those of us who resonate deeply with physical calendar record-keeping, this simple, cloth-bound notebook from Copenhagen is the best possible thing. Every new year we are literally thrilled at the thought of a fresh slew of blank pages for mapping both the quotidian requirements and miraculous possibilities of the days/weeks/months ahead and this year's notebook has us practically vibrating with excitement. This is not an exaggeration. Its perfect stature—5" x 7"— is small enough to tuck into your bag yet substantial enough to hold all of your appointment details/thunderbolts of inspiration. Its luscious deep-sea blue cloth cover is both pleasing to the touch and sturdy enough to gracefully withstand whatever coffee mishaps or rainy-ferry-ride appointments might pop up throughout a year of living. And the pages themselves, ahhh! Generously apportioned and elegantly delineated for year, month, week, and day (as well as dot-gridded pages and blank spots for notes and sketches), they are made out of a silky-smooth slender dream-paper that is somehow perfectly suited to both our favorite pencil AND our favorite pen. This is downright almost too lovely to be called a "planner", but we do have one plan for it: to fill the whole thing up to the brim with joyous celebrations and crossed-off-lists.
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