Shoe Polish - Neutral - 60 ml

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We loved helping our father polish his shoes. The ritual, the specialized brushes, and perfectly worn-in flannels, the workmanlike smell of the tins, the colors: cordovan, oxblood, mahogany. It was all so delicious special and old fashioned. While not too many of us are buffing our brogues to a spit shine every day anymore (though more power to you if you are!), a good shine with a naturally gorgeous, easy to work with polish can keep your kicks looking and feeling fresh and fabulous. While dusky plum cordovan will always have a place in our hearts, this neutral is designed to highlight the natural color of any leather*, conditioning it to a lustrous shine. 60 ml. Now, pass us that brush, little helper.

*NOT SUEDE! Ingredients: Natural turpentine, beeswax and carnauba wax.

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