Sasawashi Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub Mitt

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Looking for a little glow? We recommend this deeply exfoliating, naturally deodorizing, sustainable fiber body mitt. Made from Sasawashi fabric, an ecologically friendly blend of washi (paper) and the abundant and naturally deodorizing fibers of the kumazasa bamboo tea plant, this little friend has twice the absorbency of cotton and naturally prevents odors and mildew. Rough to the touch when dry and softening slightly in water, this body-care necessity restores circulation, removes dead skin cells, and brings a clean, healthy flush to the skin of your precious body. We keep ours hanging in the shower by its sweet little loop.

Note: While this scrubbing mitt is suitable for everyday use with whatever soap, oil, or cleanser you prefer, it's also fine to use on its own, sans product. One Foundry Family member deploys hers apres bath and post-rinse for maximum satisfying skin-sloughing effectiveness. It practically feels like being reborn.

Take Care: While the mitt's fibers naturally wick water and prevent mildew, if/when you do need to wash it, it's fine to throw it in the wash (cold with mild detergent, please), though we recommend keeping it separated from hook-and-eye closures and open zippers in the machine to avoid snags. Hang to dry.

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