Japanese Mulberry - Jam Spatula - 6 in.

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Lovers of toast unite + rejoice! This humble fine-grained hardwood jam spatula is the best thing to happen to toast since, well, you know. Hand-turned and carved on holy Miyajima Island where wood from Japanese Mulberry trees, called Shimakuwa ("island wood"), has long been celebrated for its beauty, strength, and gorgeous grain. Mulberry craftsmen from the island have a centuries-old history going back to making these same types of objects for jam-loving emperors. This sweet, simple tool is naturally hydrophobic and pleasingly smooth to the touch. Its tapered flat-edged tip makes it ideal for applying jam, butter, soft cheeses or anything else that benefits from spreading as well as for getting the very last schmear of anything out from the bottom of the jar. 6 1/2" long.
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