Hasami Ash Wood Round Tray - Small - 7 1/4" x 3/4"

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These beautiful, naturally finished Ash wood trays are indeed gorgeous on their own, but they're also specifically, ingeniously designed to stack together with the entire line of stunning Hasami Porcelain tableware. Bringing a grilled cheese to the table, nestled perfectly on top of your bowl of soup? Sounds like a lunch plan we can get behind. Any leftovers can go straight from table to fridge with this as a lid. Living the dream. This small tray is perfect as a serving piece for pastries or sides and can also be used as a lid, coaster, charger, or trivet. Stacks with: Hasami Porcelain Plate - Small , Hasami Porcelain Straight Bowl - Small, Hasami Porcelain Straight Bowl Tall - Small, Hasami Porcelain Round Bowl - Small.
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