Hakusan Porcelain Plate - Small - Black - 7.5 in.

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A favorite of food obsessives, Instagram mavens, and professional stylists alike, this delicately curved black porcelain plate is like a stealth bomber for your table. Hasami, Japan (where the Hakusan porcelain works is based) is renowned for the purity and translucence of its fine local clay and Hakusan has been crafting these gorgeous ceramics there since 1779(!). Ideal for salads, sides, and sandwiches, food looks (and, we swear, tastes) better when served on one of these graceful plates. While the porcelain itself is, by its nature, extremely sturdy and durable, the sophisticated black matte finish acquires a subtle patina with use, especially with sharp knives. 7 1/2" around, Dishwasher + microwave safe.
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