Rotary Telephone Toy - Black with Coin Purse

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*Ring*Ring* This amazing rotary telephone's dial turns, its handset can cradle shoulder-to-ear if you want to chat while you're making mudpies, and its cord has a hard time stretching all the way from the kitchen around the corner into your bedroom. In short, just like the real deal. Pop an included coin into the slot, call your imaginary friend for an hours-long breakdown of what went down at the playground today, and when you (finally) hang up the coin will be returned to you. Comes with phone, coin case, and 5 coins. 8"w x 6 2/3"d x 5 1/2"h

About The Line: The beloved Japanese women-led line Kiko + gg ("ki" means wood, "ko" means child, and two g's = two girls after the two girls who design the toys) these imaginative friends are an updated take on traditional wooden toys, often with a little extra "surprise"- like wind-up wheels or a coin return.

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