Rossini Rattan Bistro Side Chair - Natural

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Smooth and sturdy, classic and comfortable, streamlined and downright gorgeous, this bistro chair has held court over many a dinner party. Sans arms, these can tuck close together, ideal for smaller footprint nooks and, yes, bistro tables. Classic rattan certainly gives this a tropical vibe suitable for the lushest lanais, but the Danish design sensibility makes it play nice with so many interior styles.

About the line: This is not your Grandmother's wicker furniture. Or, actually, it is, if your Grandmother was at the forefront of the sustainable Danish rattan furniture movement spearheaded by the Andreasen family seventy years ago (knowing her, she probably was). Each piece of this exquisite furniture is painstakingly hand crafted entirely from rattan. Poles are kiln-steamed and hand bent around custom marques, canes are hand-shaved and tied, wicker cores are extracted and intricately woven with seamless finishes for a minimalist take on timeless methods. The iconic silhouettes are modern yet fanciful, delicate yet durable, and classic yet comfortable. It's practically magic.

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