Reusable Hemp Coffee Filter - #4 - Flat Bottom - Large

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A reusable cloth coffee filter doesn't just look fantastic and reduce paper waste (though it definitely does those things), the finely woven, ultra-sustainable hemp catches all coffee grounds-even micro-grounds-while letting all of the brewed goodness pass through. The result is a clean, sediment-free cup with rich aromatics and high perceived acidity. Perfectly fits larger pour-overs (like Hario, Melitta, Blue Bottle, Bonmac).

Take Care: While these can definitely be machine washed we recommend hanging them to dry. We recommend keeping a few on hand so that you can cycle through them. If you go a long time between washes and experience coffee build up, soaking them in a solution of 1:1 vinegar and water can make them basically like new again. Can be composted when done.

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