Recycled Glass Cylinder Vase - Medium

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Simple yet substantial, streamlined yet bohemian, sturdy yet delicate. This apothecary-style "vase" is one of our favorite vessels. Made of recycled Mexican glass, this vase has a subtle aquamarine hue. Ideal for corralling utensils or keeping cleaning brushes at hand, this vase is also the perfect size (7" tall) with a wider mouth (5 3/4"), and enough weight in the base (hefty without being heavy) for a bunch of top-heavy flowers (proteas and sunflowers) or even one of those big sprawling bouquets of roadside wildflowers and fruiting vines we love to pluck during the summer. One of our favorite cheap flower tricks? Get a TON of carnations (trust), cut each individual bloom off the long stem, bunch them all together, and cut all of their stems the same length-juuuust over the height of the lip of this vase. Gives a random Tuesday night dinner some "wedding weekend in Oaxaca" vibes.
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