Recycled Glass Cylinder Vase - Large

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We don't like to play favorites, but this. It's just so good. Simple yet substantial, streamlined yet bohemian, sturdy yet delicate. Made of recycled Mexican glass, this vase has a subtle aquamarine hue. Ideal for corralling cooking utensils or keeping cleaning brushes at hand, this vase is also the exact right size (10" tall), with a slender enough opening (5" wide), and enough weight in the base (hefty without being heavy) to make any flower shine. Top-heavy blooms (peonies, hydrangeas, or sunflowers), unwieldy architectural branches (cherry blossoms, forsythia, lilacs), and even last minute bodgea bouquets (lookin' at you alstromeria) are held perfectly, elegantly in place without toppling over. See ya mason jar.

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