Play The Forest School Way: Woodland Games and Crafts for Adventurous Kids

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If you're not familiar with the concept of "Forest School", pull up a (toad)stool and let us (cedar) wax(wing) poetic about it for a moment. Forest School is both an ideology and an educative methodology that creates a process of inspiration by having humans interact with natural spaces. This book is a practical hands-on guide to harnessing the magical, ceaseless curiosity of childhood and directing it, gently and naturally, towards discovery (and self-discovery) of all of the things that might be possible when the utility of one's own hands are paired with the power of knowledge and imagination in equal measure. Plus, it all really just sounds so darn fun! From "Forest Arts" to wildlife team building exercises, this book is divided by activity type, each "chapter" full of step-by-step instructions for getting kiddoes out of their routines and into nature. Fire building. Shelter construction. Wild foraging. Tracking. Intuition. Survival. Wonder. Celebration. All of the good things in a beautifully illustrated volume that's small and light enough to take along with you on your wanderings.

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