Paper Leaf Incense - Sandalwood

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The oldest recorded writing about incense in Japan tells of an island where aromatic wood drifted onto rocky shores, richly scented and imbued with the magic of the sea. That island is a real place and has been the center for incense production in Japan for hundreds of years. Handmade on this same island by expert Kho-shi (incense masters) with 120 years of experience, these achingly lovely, richly scented paper leaves are a beautiful addition to any zen ritual. Unlit, they serve as a potpourri of sorts, creating a halo of subtle fragrance for up to three months. A serious upgrade on the "rear-view-mirror tree air freshener" to say the least. When lit, they throw a light smoke that cleanses and deodorizes spaces.

Sandalwood Scent Notes: With its mature, noble, and slightly musky appeal, Sandalwood increases focus and promotes introspection.

To Use: Light incense and extinguish the flame. Place the leaf on a non-flammable surface and let smoke for desired length of time. Each leaf burns in its entirety in 5-7 minutes. Do not burn unsupervised and avoid placing in drafty areas or near flammable materials. Keep out of reach of children and, come on, don't eat it.

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