Pallares Kitchen Knife - Carbon Steel - Boxwood Handle - 8 cm

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As anyone who has ever encountered Inigo Montoya can tell you, a Spaniard knows his way around a steel blade. These exquisite carbon steel knives are hand-forged and honed in a 100+ year old workshop in Solsona, Spain, in the same manner than they have been for over 400 years, tempered with blessings to Saint Eligius, the patron saint of knife makers.

The 8cm (roughly 3") blade is wicked little paring knife, ideal for small tasks requiring razor sharp focus. The pointed blade shape, like all good things, is a matter of personal preference, but it makes for ultra-precise cuts (and a rakish aspect).

Since they are forged from a purer alloy than their stainless steel counterparts, carbon steel knives are considered slightly more "delicate". While it is certainly possible for these knives to chip if you throw them at a magicians assistant or into the dishwasher, and, if neglected, they can stain or rust, the beauty of these knives actually lives in that delicacy. These blades demand respect and, if they're afforded the respect they deserve, they will remain more subtly beautiful, easier to hone, slower to dull, and deadly sharp for generations—plenty of time to search for the Six Fingered Man.

Take Care: A knife is a cook's most important tool and should be treated with care. Carbon steel won't let you get lazy, because it insists on being treated right. In return, it gives you one of the sharpest, hardest edges you could ever hope for. Use the knife, clean the knife, dry the knife, sharpen the knife, and rub the blade with blade-safe mineral oil. And for goodness sake, be careful! This knife is SHARP.

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