Pallares Chinese "Caidao" Cleaver - Stainless Steel

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At first glance this might present as a standard cleaver, a sharp but blunt instrument ideal for whacking meats around. This Chinese-style Cleaver, though is inspired by the "caidao", an essential blade in the Chinese kitchen. Surprisingly thin, light, and agile "caidao" means "vegetable knife" and is often used for julienning. It also fillets and bones, and we love how the flat side bursts open garlic (and the razor sharp blade cuts it better than in Goodfellas). Held at both sides like a mezzalune it can mince herbs finely and chopping goes down quickly and safely, with knuckles resting against the broad flat of the blade. Like most things there's a bit of a learning curve, but this is one of the most exciting knives we've found in a long while.

About The Line: As anyone who has ever encountered Inigo Montoya can tell you, a Spaniard knows his way around a steel blade. These exquisite stainless steel knives are hand-forged and honed in a 100+ year old workshop in Solsona, Spain, in the same manner than they have been for over 400 years, tempered with blessings to Saint Eligius, the patron saint of knife makers.

Take Care: A knife is a cook's most important tool and should be treated with care. Stainless steel knives may be less demanding than their carbon steel cousins, but they still require a little TLC. Use the knife, clean the knife, dry the knife, sharpen the knife. And for goodness sake, be careful! This knife is SHARP.

Please note the care instructions above. Knives cannot be returned after use.

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