OJOOK Silk Floss Refill

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We'll spare you our love letter to flossing but let us just say that sometime between age 12 and now flossing transitioned from a "oh yes, dear dentist, I PROMISE I have been doing it every day twice a day (HAHAHA)" to "oh yes, dear mouth, I adore treating you with an abundance of thoughtful care and indeed we both do so enjoy the sensation of a truly clean and whole self". In short, we totally floss twice a day at the very least. As with all things, this plastic-free, biodegradable dental floss takes our daily cleanly ritual to the next level. Made with 100% compostable and luxurious Italian silk., it is loaded with healing ingredients-9x roasted Korean bamboo salt and ethical beeswax for gum inflammation and tooth sensitivity and enamel re-mineralizing hydroxyapatite. It is gentle, bouncy, and shred-resistant, lifting up debris between teeth with the utmost ease and comfort. And, because needless plastic floss is usually encased in is as silly as it is ugly, this little floss wonder-spool is designed to fit in any elegant and refillable glass floss container. Made in Italy, TSA/travel friendly, 30 M / 32 YD.

How To Floss: The experts who make this lovely floss recommend using Silk Floss to treat and prepare your teeth before brushing. Flossing first means it becomes an essential first step, rather than an afterthought. In fact, studies show flossing first can help prevent cavities and make active ingredients even more effective.

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