Oiled Oak Danish Dania Two Step Sliding Stool

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A simple, streamlined stool with a convenient handle. Bottom step tucks in! Maximum (cutie) functionality. Especially fabulous for little helpers in the kitchen.

About the line: Named for the strait of icy-clear water that runs between Denmark and her neighbors to the north-Sweden + Norway-Skagerak is a Danish design house that has been hand-crafting exquisite, long-lasting Scandinavian furniture and gorgeous, functional home goods since 1976. A certified B corp that works with Forest Stewardship Council certified woods, Skagerak makes heirloom-quality investment pieces that are meant to be used and loved.

Take Care: A simple oil finish protects the gorgeous oak from the elements (even if that just means "marinara sauce"). Occasionally re-oiling will keep it looking fresh forever.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 14.5x15x20 in

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