Nutmeg Grater

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Nothing is more evocative of both toasty holiday bakes or the mystery and majesty of the Spice Islands than grating fresh nutmeg. The hard center seed of the fruit of the Myrstica tree, the little brown nubbin of nutmeg releases the most miraculously transportive smells when curls of luscious brown spice are shaved fresh into cakes, confections, or over eggnog or winter rum dandies (it's not just for sweets, secret hint: the best bolognese we've ever had has grated nutmeg in it). The best way to spice and store: this dedicated stainless steel small bore grater has a tiny steel flap for keeping your nutmegs INSIDE the grater until it is time to deploy. 5.31"

ps. did you know that the spice "mace" is made from the tender red webbing that embraces the nutmeg seed within the center of a nutmeg fruit? Facts!

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