Northern Dyer Natural Dye Silk Ribbon - Black Walnut - 6'

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Luscious 100% silk ribbon, naturally dyed by hand using sustainably harvested botanical dyes. Black walnut hulls yield a rich nut-brown ribbon. Libby, the wonderfully kind, skilled, and perhaps legitimately elfin Northern Dyer herself, uses a soymilk mordant (as opposed to traditional metallic mordants a.k.a. dye fixative) for a completely nontoxic process. 1.5" wide, sold as a 6' spool.

About the line: With a botanists appreciation for native varietals that thrive in our hoary Minnesota winters and short-yet-glorious summers and an artist's eye for color and detail, Minneapolis-based alchemist and magic-maker Libby London's line of sustainably harvested plant pigments celebrates the gorgeous, almost mystical properties of all-natural botanical dyes. The resulting colors are delicious (and shockingly fashion forward): the deep rich greens of her Dyers Woad, mellow yellows of Coreopsis and Marigold, and dusky reds of Madder root would be equally at home floating through the forest on witchy celestial woodsmaiden robes as they are colorblocked at a downtown cocktail party. Deep, ancient, human, technicolor magic.

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