Nicole Aquillano Porcelain Simple Line Oval Serving Platter - Small - 6.75"

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An after dinner trick for surprise dinner guests: orange segments and a block of super rich dark chocolate, broken up and brought to the table on this. It is *almost* as good as a cake. It feels elegant, understated, and like we effortlessly threw it together (which has the added benefit of being the truth). Arm yourself with such tricks.

About the line: These exquisite, pared-down porcelain pieces from Boston-based ceramicist Nicole Aquillano remind us of scrimshaw, and with good reason: like a storm-tossed sailor carving the dreams of her journey into ivory, Nicole etches the subtle embellishments on each piece of porcelain by hand, fills them with rich, inky, custom-blended pigment—it reads a deep indigo blue in some lights, and black in others—applies a signature hand-mixed glaze, and fires them twice. The luminous bone palette of the slipcast porcelain is simply the natural color of the hand-mixed clay itself and the double high-heat firing means that these pieces are (truly) as sturdy as they are stunning. We think we've found our new everyday dishes.

Take Care: Who said porcelain was fussy? These diamond-hard pieces are good to go in the microwave, fridge, or dishwasher.

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