Naturally Mossed Terracotta Mini Fruit Bowl Planter - 5"

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Beautifully aged Terracotta planters naturally support a profusion of real live moss growing on the outside. Dolce vita Italian villa garden dreams are as easy as uno due tre.

About the line: If these exquisite, hand formed, organically mossy pots magically transport you to an ancient-feeling Roman garden, replete with wild-blooming thyme and Italian Jasmine, you are not alone. Named after Rome's central Campo de'Fiori plaza (meaning, literally "field of flowers") and inspired by the eternal city, the makers celebrate the blurring boundaries between the natural landscape and the human one—both by time and a verdant dolce-vita-sensibility. The resulting aged terra cotta planters are low fired, allowing moss to grow naturally on porous exterior, the water and soil from the plant within wicking through the walls to nourish the subtle growth. As the plant with and pot without matures in your landscape, the nature and coloration of the moss is informed by surrounding atmospheric conditions, blending in perfectly. Like all terra cotta pots (and most Italians), these should spend winter in a warm place, as freezing and thawing can cause them to crack. Bring that basil inside! Exposure to direct sunlight (when not planted) can thwart the moss spores, so keep in mind when nurturing.

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