Natural White 1/4" Width Rope Dog Leash - 6' Long

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Handmade in Flint, Michigan by a lovely lady named Jennifer, these all-natural rope leashes are the cat's pajamas! Er...The dog's nightgown! Ok. Let's just say they're awesome. Fashioned from a single length of 100% cotton 1/4" thick rope and finished with a solid brass made-in-the-USA lobster clasp, these slender leashes are ideal for smaller pups. The pure cotton fiber's inherent elasticity + strength gives each leash a little natural stretch-perfect if a pooch spots a squirrel-while still being rated at a tensile strength of 1,500 lbs! While even Turnip-going-for-a-cupcake can't generate that much pressure, the ends are secured with a proper eye splice (an ancient ropeman's splice that actually makes the rope stronger the more you pull on it) and finished with a sailmaker's whip-considered the most secure, stable, and durable whipstitch around. They can easily be spot-washed in the sink or tossed in the machine (funks happen). If you do machine wash them, we recommend securing the clasp through the end loop so it doesn't clang your machine to death.
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