Natural Round Grass Bolga Storage Baskets - Set of 2

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Fair-trade sourced and hand-woven in Africa in the traditional Ghanaian style, these cheery, sturdy floor baskets are made from sweet-smelling, sustainably harvested elephant grass. With a firm lip and generous flat bottom, this nesting set of our favorite stylish corrallers have infinite uses. Shoes, blankets, towels, laundry, toys, babies, kittens, puppies, OTHER name it, these store it.

Take care: These baskets are made to be used and loved. They can take a...mauling and keep on hauling. If your basket gets misshapen, or starts to lose its crisp feel after the 1,000th put-the-legos-away session, it's easy to re-form it. Simply submerge the basket in water for 5-10 minutes (at which point the sweet smell of the grass will waft around you, a nice side effect), remove, reshape, and let dry completely on a towel.

Small: ~12" around x ~7" tall, Large: ~14" x 7" (these baskets are hand made and there may be slight variations in finished sizes, but baskets will nest).

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