Native Sage 5-Star Mini Bundle (Sacred Sage, Copal, Sweetgrass, Lavender Flower, White Sage)

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You can never have too much good juju. These herb bundles are hand-tied from native grasses (sacred desert sage, copal, sweetgrass, lavender flower, and white sage) grown and blessed in New Mexico. They yield a sweet-smelling cleansing and purifying smoke. When moving into a new space or moving on from an old love, in times of transition or healing, celebrating seasons or moon cycles, these bring the magic and power of ritual into daily life. ~5" long, but each bundle will vary.

To use: Clear your mind and set a positive intention. Light the tip of the herb bundle until it catches. Blow out the flame. Use your hand (or a feather!) to direct the smoke to areas of the body or physical space that require cleansing. Focus on gateway areas—doors, windows, places you linger, corners, and pathways. Breathe deeply, waving the smoke away, down, and out, letting go. Repeat as necessary.

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