Five Layered Gauze Hand Towel - White 13.75 x 39.5 in.

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Not since seven layer dip was invented have so many layers made so much magic. Softer than silk, purer than damask, and finer than linen, this airy gauze layered towel is made using a traditional Japanese technique called wazarashi, a laborious four-day process that removes impurities from cotton fibers. Those pure fibers are then spun and woven into a light 100% cotton gauze which is stacked upon itself five times for a lovely towel with maximum whisper-soft absorption. With its contrast piping and delicate drape, this is ideal for guest bath or nursery. Take Care: This airy towel is suitable for machine washing (cold with mild detergent and no bleach, please, keeping separate from hook-and-eye closures and open zippers to avoid snags). Because of the internal layers of fine gauze it should be hung to dry.
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