mizu-mizu Square Porcelain Plate - Bluish White - 9.5''

Article number: P-10718
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Inspired by the exquisite hues often found in antique china pieces-a pale, almost watered blue, satin black, and an aged caramel brown-this fresh line of delicate, modern shapes pays homage to the heirloom porcelain tradition. Designed by Rina Ono and made for everyday use, these pieces have a lovely airy feel and secret steely strength, precisely what we love about porcelain.

Contrary to popular belief, porcelain is not fussy. Go ahead and put it in the dishwasher. Rejoice!

Oh my! Are we "out of stock"? Never fear: we are delighted to offer the Mizu Mizu Porcelain collection for pre-order! Samples are available at our shop in Minneapolis if you'd like to see any pieces or glazes in person. Made to order in Japan, the lead time for these is typically ~8 weeks. Please get in touch at [email protected] for specific availability and shipping options.

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