Lunar Moon Cycle Calendar - 2024 - Gold

Article number: A24-434
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While "the grownups" are busy looking at the ground, our feet, our phones, or the traffic, children are always the first to notice the moon in the sky. The same lack of attention to the miraculous *might* also be true of our calendars, if we let it. We might look at the spread of days ahead and see an endless march of duties or to-do's or we might just focus on the Monday-ness of a Monday (and all of the burdens and bummers that might hold). A lunar calendar goes a long way towards gently directing the wild focus of our reeling minds outside the self-imposed boundaries of the quotidian slog and into the realms of what is happening in the heavens. We can't even begin to count the number of times we've felt something big bubbling up within ourselves and, looking at the calendar, realized it's almost the full moon again. We love anything that puts us closer to our internal tides and connects us more deeply to the infinite luminous power of Madame Moon. 11 3/4 "W x 13 1/2"T

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