Little Land Yacht - Individual

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Set sail on infinite adventures with this spiffy little land yacht. Simple wooden wheels and a sweet little sail weather bumpy roads and stormy seas (within reason/bathtimes) alike with the grace and imaginative power of a Little Toot Tugboat. Perfect for transporting animal pals, little people, or salt + pepper shakers across the dining room table.

Heirloom-quality wooden toys lovingly hand-crafted from sustainably timbered hardwoods in Germany in a small, family-owned workshop by elves, er, humans? Meet Grimm's toys. The fairy tale is real. Gorgeous tactile blocks, sweet little friends on wheels, stacking bowls and boxes, interlocking shapes...all in an array of natural hand-sanded wood tones and velvety soft and rich kiddo-safe rainbow hues. Simple and timeless for every nursery, streamlined and gorgeous enough to keep out on any coffee table.

Take Care: These toys are made to last for generations. Drop them in the sandbox? Wipe down with a damp rag and they're good as new. As with all woodenware, don't submerge for extended periods in water as the wood will absorb liquid.

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