Linen Bento Bag - Natural - Medium

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This thoughtfully designed, ethically manufactured linen "bento bag" is a simple + ingenious solution to reducing waste. The fact that it is also wonderfully tactile, lovely to use, and possessing of an understated elegance? Added bonus (don't you look smart!). Absolutely fabulous in so many applications, this bag is like a small bucket with two points that tie together. We use it for: buying grains, nuts, pasta, in bulk. Keeping produce corralled in our cart or market bag. Bringing lunch or a snack on the go. Wrapping up a loaf of bread to keep it fresh. Wrapping up a loaf of bread to give to someone. Keeping things corralled in our suitcases (everything from toiletries to cords to keeping dirties/cleans contained). For knitting projects. For storing greens so they last longer in the fridge. As an alternative to wrapping paper. As a foraging bag. As a perfect bindle for when Ruby + Turnip ride the rails...The list goes on.

Medium bento bag measures 10 1/2" x 5" x 10" tall.

These sturdy cotton bags are machine washable! We hang ours to dry, but they'll do just fine in the dryer.

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