Lawn Combed Cotton Queen Pillowcase - White - 20" x 33"

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Finding simple, elegant, plain white bedding has been a lifelong quest. Now? We can rest easy (see what we did there?). Woven and sewn in the great state of California, this pillowcase is crafted from classic cotton lawn. Made from extra long staple, 100% combed cotton and garment washed to be chemical free, lawn has a thicker yarn than your standard cotton sheeting and an open plain weave for a superbly soft, lightly brushed feel with exceptionally good airflow. Cool to the touch even after hot dreams...It feels as if lightest, softest cotton flannel you can imagine took a breezy summer vacation.

The Lawn Pillowcase fits both Queen and Standard pillows (with a little overlay on smaller pillows which our more fastidious team members tuck in to make a little envelope) and is the softest thing we've laid our heads on in a while.

Take Care: This incredibly supple fabric is also extremely durable and gets softer with each wash. Though we do swear by the feel (and smell!) of line-dried bedding, these are definitely totally fine to toss in any machine as you see fit.

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