Larder Butter Keeper Dish - White - 3 1/2"

Article number: SIR-LBK01-FLO
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You asked, we answered: a streamlined version of a traditional French butter bell! Made of dreamy, creamy, tough-as-nails pure white stoneware with a clear glaze (the luminous white is the color of the clay itself) this is truly classic. Essentially an identical match to our other white porcelain lines (hi, John Julian and Ginny Sims). Isn't it nice when dishes play well with others? Fill the "top" with slightly softened butter, add a little cool water to the bottom, put the two together, et voilà! The water makes a vacuum that keeps butter fresh and spreadable for what feels like forever (we've yet to experience a beurre bummer before we've emptied it). Just the thing for lovers of room temperature butter (i.e. everyone with a lick of sense). Vive le toast! 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"
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