Laboratory Porcelain Mortar Pestle with Wood Handle - NO BOWL INCLUDED

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With a smooth lathed wooden handle, pleasingly hefty solid porcelain head, and subtly tactile unglazed porcelain grinding surface, this pestle makes quick work of whole spices and pungent pastes alike. Sold by itself, this muddling friend is in an open relationship with cutting boards, mixing bowls, ceramic mugs, and any mortar in need of a powerhouse pestling companion.

About The Line: As with the best things, the magic of science is in the doing, the making, the testing, the tweaking, and the discovering. Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic and specifically made for scientists to the exacting specifications required for use in active laboratories, these exquisitely utilitarian porcelain pieces bring that science-magic to home "laboratories"-perfect for important experiments such as: how many pods of cardamom should be pestled to achieve peak Turkish coffee flavor intensity or what is the ideal temperature for a hot cheese dip to maximize cracker stability and delivery. The rigors of the scientific method demand that these vessels perform beautifully under pressure: they can withstand exceptionally high pH's on the acid or base spectrum, unglazed products can withstand temperatures of 2,462 degrees F, and glazed ones 1,832 F. In short, they can most definitely handle the oven, the freezer, the microwave, and the dishwasher.

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