Kyowa O'Band Rubber Bands - Set of 2 Four Corner Bands

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The motto of these iconic Japanese rubber bands is "Neater! Quicker! Cheaper! than string" and these ingenious four "cornered" bands definitely fit the bill. Ideal for wrangling periodicals, newspapers, books, laptop, office and art supplies, gift wrapping, or keeping a lid on that box full of love letters, these stretchy friends easily slip on and off anything with four corners. 8" flat before stretching, these officially provide instant organization for anything sized 8"x10" to 8"x12" (though they can unofficially stretch farther).

About The Line: Founded in 1923 as a manufacturer of inner tubes and tires, Kyowa discovered the endless humble potential of their products when a few bicycle tires ended up sliced and diced. The endlessly stretchy and resilient bands became the original "O-Band", 'king of the rubber band'.

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