King - Natural - Linen Pillowcase with Envelope Closure

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Tucked envelope closures on these classic king pillowcases mean no buttons or zippers to wrangle with. We first slept on linen bedlinens while traveling in the lavender-wilds of France and it was one of the best slumbers of our lives to date. It might have been the Bandol Rouge, but the airy-soft breathable comfort of the delicious linen sheeting made the bed feel like it was just somehow made for our bodies. We love how a linen-made bed looks, somehow perfectly imperfect (also, a gentle reminder that a clean, cozy, well-loved space does not necessarily live and die by its hospital corners), but we really love how it feels. Linen is the best temperature regulator of all natural fibers, keeping in warmth during chillier seasons and staying cool when it's hot. Pre-washed for softness and fit, these get better and better and better with age, tumbling out of every wash and dry cycle like a tousled linen Bardot. They're basically magic.

Fits standard king pillows 35 1/2" x 19 1/2".

Take Care: This incredibly soft fabric is also extremely durable and gets softer with each wash. Though we do swear by the feel (and smell!) of line-dried bedding, these are definitely totally fine to toss in any machine as you see fit.

About "Thread Count": Linen weight and quality is not measured in thread count but rather by “GSM”, short for grams per square meter—literally the weight of the fabric. These linens are woven at 165GSM which is the maker's tested and optimum achieved weight to deliver both a long lifespan and the immediate softness we have come to expect from linen bedding.

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