Kik Step Rolling Library Stool - Sand Beige

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We are certain, absolutely certain that we are not the only ones with an undying fondness for hours spent in our childhood library. Pause for a moment and go back there. Can you smell the smell? Feel the nub of the very specific carpet and hear-not-hear the dusky hush of the endless hallowed aisles? Ahhh. Now come back to your own space. Do you need to reach anything? Do you need to reach anything *while feeling that exact same wonderful library sense of endless possibility and utilitarian wonder?* Us too. That's why we snapped up these ah-mazing classic library stools. Solid steel construction, retractable smooth-rolling caster wheels (that lock down when stepped on) roll easily around and protective bumpers will not bang walls and cabinets. Iconic design and no-slip tread make these an all-around dream kitchen friend, kiddo assistant, occasional occasional table, or extra seating in a pinch. We'd shout for joy but...shhhhhhhh.
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