Kerzon Scented Sachet - Parc des Buttes-Chaumont - Set of 2

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We love opening a closet or drawer and releasing a subtle, fresh, clean scent (so much so we have even been known to secret away a towel or pillowcase from our mother's or grandfather's linen closets just for the smell-o-vision). These subtly scented sachets give a perfect Parisian woodsy scent of cedar and sandalwood, delicately aromatizing precious personal effects. Formulated and hand-made in France. To revitalize the scent, give a little shake. Common sense note: don't open them and/or eat it. 2 sachets, .07oz

About The Scent: Like taking an end of day stroll through Buttes-Chaumont to dream idly in the shade of its emblematic Lebanon cedars. The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont scent reveals a woody head and a light floral heart set against a sensual base of cedar and sandalwood.the towels and sheets , woodsy-sweet scent of cedar.

About The Line: Inspired in equal parts by Parisienne sense-memories (blossoming citrus in L'Orangerie, the flower markets after rain in the Place des Vosges, leaf-smoke and chestnut at the Square du Vert-Galant on the Ile Saint Louis in autumn, &c) and the earnest desire of two French Brothers-Etienne and Pierre-Alexis-to create simple, authentic, and natural home and self-care products, this sustainable apothicaire crafts abundant delights to embellish the home and celebrate the body on a daily basis. Made in France (or as close as possible in Europe if the resident expert artisans happen to be, say, Italian) in accordance with an 11 commitment sustainable "production pact", Kerzon's (pronounced "care-z-on") fabulously olfactory natural care products look, feel, and smell merveilleux.

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