Kenkashi Compost Accelerator - 1/2 lb box

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Like everything else, good compost is all about balance: the full breakdown of organic material into the "black gold" prized by gardeners and worms alike requires careful, occasionally mystical-seeming attention to maintaining the yin of the nitrogen-rich fresh green and the yang of the carbon-heavy brown. And, like everything else, an imbalance in the system can lead, at best, to a pile of inactive scraps and, at worst, flies, sludge, and stinks. This ingenious "compost accelerator" acts like an attuned probiotic for your pile. Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, this magic stuff is: kenaf (ground hemp fiber), inoculated with beneficial bacteria and photosynthetic mycorrhizal funghi to create a peat-like material that functions as an anaerobic bacterial fermentation agent. This wonder-powder can be used as a booster-balancer in traditional compost setups, sprinkled into kitchen waste to minimize liquids or bummers, or as a base strata in traditional "bokashi" compost technique.

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