John Julian Porcelain Half Glaze Fruit Stand - Short - 5 1/2"

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We read that Michelangelo never made plans for his statues, he simply picked pieces of raw marble and then liberated the figures that already existed inside of them. We think that when this smooth, luminous-white porcelain was dug from the ground, it must have known that its final form was destined to be this classically gorgeous fruit stand. It's just that perfect. Delicately curved (yet incredibly sturdy), this piece is half-glazed—the interior is finished with an extremely hard, high gloss, clear glaze and the outside is left raw-fired to show off the clay's unique + subtle texture. That perfect soft-white color? That's the all-natural hue of the porcelain itself. The elegant curves make minimalist kitchens, farmhouse table settings, and farmer's market bounties all look like something out of a Vermeer still life. Swoon.

About John Julian: Hand thrown, fettled (a word we love—it's when a piece of porcelain is smooth finished by hand using a knife and a sponge before going into the kiln), glazed, and fired at exceptionally high temperatures, John Julian's simple, beautiful porcelain is lovingly made to last in a small workshop in Wiltshire, England. Contrary to popular belief, porcelain is not fussy. Designed by artist + sculptor Julian Sainsbury, these silhouettes recall the classic elegant-workmanlike shapes that have been gracing English kitchens and tables for hundreds of years.

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