Japanese Stacking Glasses - Small - 9.5 oz

Article number: P-16524
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A wonderful glass on the smaller size, these 9.5 oz glasses are a dream for fresh squeezed juices, sparkling water, and beyond. They might quickly become your most reached for glass. We love how they feel in the hand and, with their ingenious Japanese stacking bases, how they nest on the shelf.
SIZE:: Stacking Glass- Small - 9.5 oz
GOOD TO KNOW:: Dishwasher safe!
COLLECTION:: Japanese Stacking Glasses
ABOUT THE LINE:: TOYO SASAKI GLASSWARE: While this exquisite Japanese glassware is indeed airy-light and incredibly delicate, it also possesses a steely backbone not often found in such fine-walled vessels. Dainty enough for petit dejeuner and durable enough for your wild
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