Japanese Platinum Cocktail Glass - 10 oz

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There is some mysterious magic at play here. The "Platinum" version of these classic Japanese Cocktail Glasses are even lighter and airier than their standard counterparts-just when we thought that wasn't humanly possible-yet somehow even stronger. A mind boggling video of an iron ball crashing into them with even more force than your average tipsy-bestie-cheers leaving them unscathed proves it. While they are, of course, perfection for negronis and old fashioneds, they are also a delight to sip from and cheers with, with a beautiful, subtle scintillation in the glass itself, we often find ourselves reaching for them again and again whenever we want a sip of anything at all. Many dance parties and dishwasher loads later, these have proven to be as durable as they are lovely. We'll raise a glass to that. Holds 10oz.

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