Japanese Nanohana Paper Wick Candles - 1 hr - 4"

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The bright yellow spring blossoming of the native Nanohana flower, a fresh young brassica in the broccoli family, is a seasonal tradition on Noto Island, where these candles have been traditionally manufactured since 1892. These pure, creamy, yellow, candles are made in the traditional manner using Nanohana oil. The thicker wicks are hand-rolled from a blend of washi paper, rush weed, and silk, causing them to burn clearer, cleaner, and brighter than traditional cotton wicks, with less flickering, no scent, and minimal, if any, soot. The delicately inverted tapered shape-"ikari-gata" named after a ship's anchor-is slightly wider at the top, to prevent wax from running down it after it's been lit. These particular candles are sized to burn for a little less than an hour, making them perfect for meditating (their original application) or for weeknight dinners (ours).

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