Japanese Joli Flower Plate - Medium - White - 7.5"

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A gorgeous minimalist Japanese take on traditional vintage scroll-edged European dishes rendered in exceptionally durable gloss finished earthenware. Swoon city. 7 1/2"

About The Line: Designed and lovingly hand-made in Japan since 1950, this line of subtly detailed, exquisitely crafted pottery is centered around the concept that "meals are delightful". We couldn't agree more. Marumitsu's beautiful marriage of traditional Japanese ceramics techniques, materials, and silhouettes with a more western, meal-specific sensibility began when famed Japanese potter and head ceramicist Kenji Kato encountered a batch of cafe au lait bowls intended for export to France at a friend's kiln . A bowl made *just* for the moment and ritual of dunking a croissant into cafe au lait?! YES. His eureka moment led to generations of gorgeous dishes tailored specifically to the art of elevating meals.

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